The National Hispanic Education Summit addresses the academic challenges faced by Hispanic students and presents evolving and innovative practices, strategies, and solutions to help universities and churches improve student success and college completion rates.


“There is powerful potential for this organization to influence public opinion and local action, helping to ensure that foundational Christian principles are honored as we support academic excellence for all students.”

Pastor Tony Suarez
Executive Vice President NHCLC

“The pride and treasure of our nation is our youth. Any nation that neglects the teaching and the upbringing of its youth is a nation on the decline”

Dr. Bernice King
CEO The King Center

“We believe literate students who are able to think critically and solve problems will become the backbone of not only a strong democratic society but also of a biblically-literate and justice-minded Church.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
President NHCLC

The purpose of this initiative is to equip individual Latino churches to bring education under the ministry umbrella of their church, ensuring that youth, their parents and the wider Hispanic community within their sphere of influence grasp the vital importance of high school graduation, pursuing college and speaking English. The aim is saturation coverage (total participation) in each church so that the church’s educational culture is transformed from within.