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Raising Highly Capable Kids Program

Teaching parents how to raise highly capable kids and training the church to partners with the public school system

Why is it that the most important job in the world – being a parent – doesn’t come with a training manual? To become a pediatrician, police officer, electrician or even a new driver there’s often years of education or some type to process or exam to become qualified. The stark reality is that it only takes one requirement for becoming a parent – having a baby. And once that baby is born, parents are expected to instinctively know how to care for their child and raise him or her to become healthy, caring and responsible.

The reality is raising kids isn’t easy and most of us struggle through the process. And that’s why Raising Highly Capable Kids was created. Our goal is to equip parents with some helpful insight and tools that will assist them to raise kids that are healthy, caring and responsible. While raising kids can be tough – learning about it doesn’t have to be. This program seeks to provide a caring, fun and safe environment where parents to learn and explore what ingredients are needed to help their child succeed.

Raising Highly Capable Kids is a 13-week curriculum that is based on the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets.Search Institute has undertaken decades of research with more than 4 million children and found that there are 40 building blocks every child needs to grow and mature. And the more of these Assets a child has in her life, the more likely she is to engage in healthy behaviors while veering away from those that are unhealthy.

For example, one study showed that the average GPA for kids who only have 0-10 of these assets in their lives is 2.1 versus 3.3 for those who have 31-40 Assets. And the studies regarding high-risk behaviors like violence, experimentation with drugs and alcohol and promiscuity found the same results. When kids have more of these healthy building blocks in their lives they tend to stay away from harmful behaviors while investing more in the healthy ones.

Raising Highly Capable Kids wants to help you give your child that fighting chance to combat the negative influences that inundate them on a daily basis. With some helpful information, encouragement from others and your commitment, raising highly capable kids really is possible…

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