We are living in unprecedented times. 

As a result of safety and health measures in response to the COVID-19, schools all around the nation have closed and many of you have become impromptu teachers, designers, and facilitators of school courses for your children at home.

For you and your children during this season, the FE Coalition, under the guidance of Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and the NHCLC, has compiled the best home-learning resources to help parents, guardians, and care-takers facilitate academic growth and keep children on the path toward educational excellence. 

We want to ensure that whether your child learns in the classroom or at home that they have access to high quality education, and just like we advocate for the support of teachers to help students meet critical learning benchmarks, we want you to have access to the highest quality support and resources we could find. 

Please share these resources far and wide.

Thank you for all you do in the ministry of advancing Hispanic student achievement.

Forward and higher in Christ,

Rev. Girien R. Salazar

  • PreK-12 Home Learning Schedules and Courses (link)
  • K-12 Printable Worksheet for Math, Language Arts, Reading and Literacy (link)
  • K-12 “Brain Games” (link)
  • PreK-5 Printable Worksheets (link)
  • PreK-5 Learning Packets (link)
  • K-6 Historical Dates and Holidays (link)
  • PreK-9 Daily Learning Activities (link)
  • K-9 Reading and Math Learning Resources (link)
  • PreK-8 Teacher Resources (link)
  • PreK-8 Family Resources (link)
  • 9th-12 College and SAT Prep Resources (link)
  • Seven Important Home Learning Tips (link)
  • Eight Tips for Sharpening Reading Skills at Home (link)
  • “Quarantined” Mom Blog (link)
  • Family Devotional Resources (link 1) (link 2)