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7 Reasons for Getting Your High School Diploma


In today’s society, it is critical to obtain a GED or high school diploma. Without a high school diploma, or its equivalent, the likelihood of landing a quality, successful career is nearly impossible. In all actuality, street smarts simply aren’t enough for employers anymore. Why is a high school diploma necessary?

1. Stiff Competition

The vast majority of employees, especially those seeking employment, realize how important education is when it comes to applying for jobs and securing a position. With the multitude of applicants applying for available jobs, it’s very unlikely that a person without a high school diploma will even be considered for an available position. Employers do not find value in uneducated applicants and many require a high school diploma to apply for open positions. The job market is full of stiff competition and applicants must realize the importance of high school education.

2. Furthering Your Education

In order to further your education at a community college, university or accredited online university, a high school diploma will be required. Without a high school diploma, post-secondary institutions will not accept your application. By obtaining your high school diploma and furthering your education in post-secondary institutions, you will make yourself available to accept in-demand jobs carrying higher salaries.

3. Career Opportunities

Without a high school diploma, the chance of finding a rewarding career that pays well is low. Getting your high school diploma will allow you the opportunity to perform more job functions, at a higher salary, than you would be able to do if you did not have your diploma. With a high school diploma, you are able to seek employment in a variety of entry-level careers that do not require further education.

4. Higher Salary

According to research, a high school dropout will earn approximately $300,000 less over a lifetime than a high school graduate. Similarly, an individual that furthers her education at the post-secondary level will earn more money than a high school graduate, and drastically more than a high school dropout.

5. Job Security

An individual that does not possess a high school diploma is more likely to be unemployed because she’s not as marketable. In fact, it is estimated that at least half of all welfare recipients do not possess a high school diploma.

6. Sense of Accomplishment

Going to school day in and day out for 13 years is certainly something to be proud of. Graduates typically find themselves feeling accomplished after they complete high school, earning a high school diploma. Even if you have dropped out of high school, going back to earn your high school diploma will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Out of all the things in life that can be taken away from you, education is something that cannot be stolen or revoked.

7. Positive Roll Model

If you expect your children and/or grandchildren to stay in school and get their high school diploma, you might just have to eat your words and practice what you preach. Children are observational learners, meaning they learn from watching you and others around them. Be a good influence for your children if you want to see them to succeed in their high school career.