The National Hispanic Education Summit addresses the academic challenges faced by Hispanic students and presents evolving and innovative practices, strategies, and solutions to help universities and churches improve student success and college completion rates. Last year’s Summit attracted a diverse representation of higher-ed and faith leaders from across the U.S. and we anticipate this year’s Summit to be even better. The NHCLC brings together faith and university leaders from around the nation to give universities and colleges the necessary skills and information to successfully recruit, retain, and graduate Hispanic students and to provide the Hispanic faith community with tools and resources to effectively foster the spiritual and academic growth of students in their churches.

The National Hispanic Education Summit exists to: (1) connect university leadership with Hispanic denominational leadership, (2) help universities understand Hispanic evangelical students in order to improve recruitment, retention, and graduation rates, (3) equip the local church in advancing student achievement in their congregation, and (4) advance knowledge and efforts of education equity.