Education Sunday Resources

We Can with Christ.

I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13

With Christ, the FE Coalition knows students CAN become college and career ready, parents CAN become Learning Heroes, churches CAN serve their local schools, and states and schools CAN provide a high-quality education!

Here are some high quality resources to help you do just that:

NEW! Education Sunday 2022 Sermon:

Resources to help STUDENTS become college and career ready

Resources to help PARENTS become Learning Heroes

Resources to help CHURCHES serve their local schools

  • Proven programs and ideas that work for church-school partnerships (Programs & Ideas)
  • Church-school Partnership Podcast (Partner Up!)

Information on how STATES and SCHOOLS can provide a high-quality education

  • How can states and schools provide a high-quality education? By parents, pastors, and community leaders ensuring that they do. Education and learning is always evolving. Principles and practices of education change overtime, sometimes quickly and sometimes gradually. That is why it is important that the FE Coalition and concerned parents and pastors stay engaged and informed on learning and America’s education systems and stand ready to demand states and schools grant access to a high quality education for all students, regardless of a student’s zip-code, ethnicity, or family income. As the FE Coalition, we believe that a high-quality education is built upon HEARTS:
    • High Standards of Learning
    • Equitable Funding
    • Stakeholder Accountability,
    • Adequate Resources 
    • Data Transparency, and
    • Strong State Vision

General Education Sunday Resources

  • NEW! – Education Sunday 2020 Sermon “We Can with Christ” (Youtube)
  • 7-Day Devotional (Download)
  • Back-t0-School Prayer Guide (Download)
  • Short and Powerful Prayers for Schools and Students (Download)
  • Bible Studies
    • “Loving God with All Our Heart, Soul, and Mind: The Simple Way” – Children (Download)
    • “Rise to Your Call” – Youth (Download)
    • “Love the Lord Your God with All Your Mind” – Youth (Download)
    • “Education and Loving the Lord with All Our Mind” – Adults (Download)
    • Train you Child: Proverbs 22:6 – Adults (Download)
  • Developing a Pro-Education Church Culture Plan of Action (Download)
  • Education Sunday Order of Service Examples (Download)
  • Sermons
    • “Love the King with Everything: Created and Called to Go All In” (Download)
    • “Raising Our Standards” (Download)
    • “Love God, Love People” (Download)
    • “We Can with Christ” (Youtube)
  • “With All” – Worship Song (Lyrics & Chords) (TBN Music Video)

Recursos en Español

  • Estudio Bíblicos
    • Amar a Dios Con Todo Nuestro Corazón… de Una Manera Simple – Para Niños (Descarga)
    • Responde a Tu Llamado – Para Jóvenes (Descarga)
    • Amarás al Señor Tu Dios Con Toda Tu Mente – Para Jóvenes (Descarga)
    • La Educación y Amando al Señor con Toda Nuestra Mente – Para Adultos (Descarga)
    • Dirige a Tus Hijos: Proverbios 22:6 – Para Adultos (Descarga)
  • Ama a Dios, Ama a Tu Prójimo – Sermón (Descarga)
  • Super 5 Estrategias para el Regreso a Clases Recurso de Learning Heroes (Descarga)

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