Parent Engagement during COVID-19: National Survey Results

If you are a parent or guardian of an elementary, middle- or high-school student, your level of engagement with you child’s education has more than likely increased since states and school districts have implemented COVID-19 home-learning measures. Mamá became math teacher. Papá became P.E. coach. And ‘buela became principal. And although many education groups moved quickly to provide parents and guardians with high quality home-learning resources, no one had taken time to really ask parents about their experience in taking on this increased level of engagement with their child’s education . . . 

 . . . no one until Learning Heroes asked.

Last month, Learning Heroes conducted a national survey of more than 3,600 parents and guardians of public schools students to try and understand how they are experiencing their children’s education during COVID-19 school closures. 

The survey, titled A Redefining Moment for Students, Parents and Schools, looks at parent engagement  levels, parent-teacher communication, parental understanding of student achievement and  aspirations, and how parents imagine the current experience will shape their role with their child’s education for the future.

Key Findings

According to a Learning Heroes press release, the survey “shows that children are spending an average of 4.2 hours per day — or 46% of their waking time — on remote learning, with parents dedicating an average of 2.5 hours per day in support of their children’s schooling at home.” However, the press release also indicates that “even with more hands-on time, parents continue to have an inflated view of their children’s grade level ability.”

That is to say, 92% of parents see their children at or above grade level in reading and math. However, we know from results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress that the actual percentage of students at or above grade level is closer to 37%.

Also, the survey captures that currently parents expressed more concern about their children’s education than the family’s economic concerns and, as one education advocate puts it, that they are more “eager to actively engage with their children’s schools in this next school year as partners in education.” In fact, the survey shows that 64% of parents plan to talk with teachers about what they noticed about their child’s schoolwork during COVID-19 school closures.

The FE Coalition has always believed that parents should not only be engaged with but also take charge of their child’s education. The current pandemic has unquestionably caused many parents to do such, but our prayer is that when students do return to the classroom parents will continue to step into that role as their child’s greatest teacher and “learning hero.” 

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To find out more about the survey and watch a short video summary of the results, just click here.

Forward and higher in Christ, 

Rev. Girien R. Salazar
Executive Director, FE Coalition