Around the U.S. schools, parents, and students adjust to learning during COVID-19

Schools all around the U.S. have closed their doors. However, learning still continues. 

Given the current state of the nation’s health and physical distancing guidelines from all levels of government, there appears little likelihood of returning to education as usual with students and teachers in the classroom this school year. The enforcement of public health guidelines has encouraged all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and the Bureau of Indian Education to cancel, suspend, or postpone statewide assessments that normally take place in the spring. Additionally, discussions by state and district leaders will likely begin, if they have not already, regarding the potential for extended educational and summer school opportunities, which may prove a worthwhile benefit to vulnerable student groups. 

Across the nation at every level in the educational system, people are adjusting to the new learning and teaching demands. From Math teachers to 5th graders, from moms to college students, I present to you a short of list of articles that give a snapshot of the ways schools, parents, and students in our country attempt to adjust and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Oklahoma Department of Education partners with Television Network
This week the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority as a means to help provide quality learning opportunities for kids changed its normal daytime schedule to a curriculum based programming approved by the the Oklahoma Department of Education. 

Nontraditional College Students and Remote Learning
Ambra Hunter, a 37-year old college junior shares her struggles as a student with increased family pressures as a result of the pandemic. She admits she has no time for remote learning and believes colleges should suspend classes.

University of Texas RGV Waives GRE for Masters and Doctoral Programs
With the impact on testing centers, the UTRGV Graduate College is helping students who are applying to master’s or doctoral graduate programs by waiving or suspending certain requirements for admission.

Elementary School Dance Teacher in Texas Continues Classes through Facebook
Despite not being able to see her preK-5th students, Ms. Marks began broadcasting her dance instruction through Facebook live even before the district issued online and lesson plan expectations for teachers.

Helping Parents Identify Good Teaching on Reading
Jackie Mader gives parents a crash course on how kids best learn to read and ways parents can evaluate if their child is receiving quality reading instruction. This article may be helpful to parents who work on reading with their own kids at home.

If you have not already, I invite you to utilize and share access to some of the highest quality home-learning resources we could find. Our hope is that whether your child learns in the classroom or at home that we can find ways for them to have a high quality education. 

Forward and higher in Christ, 

Rev. Girien R. Salazar
Executive Director, FE Coalition