Press Release: NHCLC promotes technology-driven platform to help grandparents promote Judeo-Christian life-skills in grandkids

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) is promoting a nation-wide initiative aimed at empowering grandparents to seamlessly pass along their values and experiences to their grandkids using an online gaming platform.

Alfa & Omega Force provides los abuelos (the Omega Force) a one-of-a-kind way to teach los nietos (the Alpha Force) timeless Judeo-Christian values and life-skills by using the technology that is often seen as having created a chasm between these generations. Through a world-leading, kid-driven, game-based learning platform, children are trained in a biblical worldview on wealth creation, healthy living, character education, and civic engagement.

“We are proud to promote a learning platform for K-6 kids that motivates kids and their families to discover skills that are instrumental in our family’s and nation’s success,” says Reverend Tony Suarez, Executive Vice President of the NHCLC. “This platform is family friendly and allows grandparents – and parents – to use the types of programs children are already using and encourages learning principles and values not always taught in classrooms.”

“We have taken some time over the past few years,” says Scott Dow, CEO of Next Mission Inc., “to invest in and develop a family-driven, game-based learning platform designed specifically to use technology to bring families and generations together rather than move them further apart.”

With the Alfa and Omega Force initiative, Grandparents and parents serving in NHCLC churches can help guide their children to a free version of the interactive world gaming platform equipped with unlimited play and use of the game. After which, los abuelos y padres can opt into a premium version that gives families access to resources such as college mentors, a family smartphone and college certificates in leadership and entrepreneurship. Additionally, every subscription associated with a NHCLC church brings back revenue to that specific congregation.

“The Hispanic community has always passed down values and wisdom generationally from grandfather to father to son, grandmother to mother to daughter, says Rev. Suarez. “The Alfa & Omega Force reinforces this tradition and does so in a language and platform for Generation Z kids. We look forward to seeing how it will bless NHCLC churches around the nation.”

For more information on how you can implement the Alfa and Omega Force initiative in your congregation and families, visit or email