FE Coalition partners with Learning Heroes and National PTA to foster Hispanic student achievement

Throughout the months of August and September, Hispanic parents and caregivers are sending their children back to school. When we ask the question, “Is your child ready to head back to school?” we are not only referring to having the right school supplies, getting new clothes, or going to bed on time. We are also concerned with whether or not our children are ready to tackle the academic rigor that comes with entering into a new grade-level. In other words, do our children remember what they learned last year and are they ready to comprehend new concepts in the coming year?

That’s why the FE Coalition is happy to share with NHCLC pastors and parents some very special resources from our partners at Learning Heroes and the National PTA.
In case you did not know: parents are key to helping students start the school year strong. Parents can use these Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves to support their child’s social, emotional, and academic learning and set their child up for success in the new year. This is a research-based resource, available in English and Spanish, that includes five simple actions parents can take to make sure their child is ready for the new school year. If you did not have the opportunity to try these power moves over the summer, do not worry; the FE Coalition will be here next year to remind you about this great initiative.
In addition to these Back-to-School Power Moves, NHCLC parents and pastors also have access to a Learning Hero Roadmap which provides K-8 parents with an interactive guide to support grade-level progress as well as important life skills. The first step on the Roadmap is the Readiness Check, a mobile-friendly tool that shows parents how prepared our children are for the new school year and connects them to videos and activities that support at-home learning.
If you and your church are serious about “the ministry of advancing Hispanic student achievement,” we ask and pray that you would consider connecting the parents and caregivers in your church with these resources from our wonderful partners. Only together can we “raise the standards!”
Forward and higher in Christ,
Rev. Girien Salazar
Executive Director, FE Coalition