“September Highlights the Work of Education Sunday”

A note from Christi Ham, Chairwoman of Military Families for High Standards

It’s the beginning of a new school year and everyone is in new shoes or has a new lunch box, or totes a new book-bag. What’s not new is the desire so many have for a school year that is dynamic, engaging, enticing and successful.

And for more than 100 years – beginning overseas and now in the U.S – clergy, families, and faith communities have made emphasizing those points and celebrating the beginning of their development with Education Sunday, which takes place in the month of September in faith centers around the country.

Military Families for High Standards invites all connected with us to continue to stress the importance of an engaging and successful school year. Regardless of any faith background or any spiritual pattern, we are all determined to offer our military-connected children the best possible educational experience wherever they are taught.

So as this new year takes off with another Education Sunday in the books, consider finding your own way of voicing your concern and best wishes for these children. This academic year, join with those across the country and around the globe to offer a spiritual petition that our students have an amazing year and that the wonderful teachers, administrators, parents who make it all happen, feel supported and appreciated. This is yet our chance to utter a message of gratitude and celebration — and to launch the 2019-2020 school year with genuine promise.

The month of September offers us a formal opportunity. Consider making every day a day to encourage our students.