Toward Greater Heights: The NHCLC is Building an Early-Learning Nation

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Education Sunday, the NHCLC reaffirms its commitment to seeing all children move “toward greater heights” and succeed in their learning from birth to college! We are excited to share our expanded focus on our earliest learners, 0 – 5 year-olds, and our new School Readiness campaign. Developed from brain science, we bring to the NHCLC community the “Seven Essential Skills Every Child Should Have,” reading resources, and more. The information is fun, FREE and available in English and Spanish.

Education Sunday is the kick-off for a yearlong focus on education that encourages students, parents, and pastors in their roles in the educational journey and helps build an Early-Learning Nation where all children are prepared for the rigors of a high quality education. We encourage you to take a moment to learn through Vroom about the importance of a child’s first five years for brain development and to take advantage of their child-learning tips and other resources for parents and caregivers. The NHCLC is building an Early-Learning Nation for you and your child!


– FE Coalition Team