This statement was used in a Charisma News article detailing the firing of actress Lori Loughlin as a result of the college admissions scandal.

“The Faith and Education Coalition is thankful to our law enforcement and justice system for exposing these cases of dishonesty and bribery in the college admission process. We are committed to biblical justice in American education and to issues of education equity and high standards in public education for the expressed purpose of ensuring college-career ready students.

“We want all students, regardless of their family’s income level, ethnic background, or area of residence, to have the same opportunities to succeed in education, and that includes getting into college. We are thankful for tests like the SAT that allow students to be evaluated based on aptitude, for colleges that consider a students robust application and not a prominent last name, and for federal grants that assist financially burdened families. However, we are heartbroken, that a small community of individuals would use their wealth, status, and position to abuse these systems and subvert justice and fairness for selfish ambition.

“We pray that the persons and universities involved would repent of their actions, find forgiveness and restoration in Christ, and commit to a fair and equitable college admissions process.”

Rev. Girien Salazar

Director, FE Coalition