“A New Day for TBN Salsa!”

A Q&A between Dr. Samuel Rodriguez and Jacob Arreola, TBN Salsa Network Coordinator

Recently, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez sat down with Jacob Arreola, the new Salsa Network Coordinator for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, to talk about the fresh and exciting changes coming to TBN Salsa in the near future.

Q: TBN, the world’s largest faith-based broadcaster and America’s most watched faith network has yet again proved their out-of-the-box creativity with attempts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a unique branch network, TBN Salsa. What exactly is “TBN Salsa”?

A: “TBN Salsa is faith-and-family based television network designed to meet the content demand for the growing English speaking, Hispanic-American demographic that is, second and third generation Hispanics who may not speak Spanish, as well as non-Hispanic viewers who enjoy the unique warmth, passion, and flavor of the Latino-American culture and faith community. The network’s 24-hour inspirational program lineup includes contemporary worship and gospel music from popular Latino musicians and recording artists, church and ministry programming featuring Hispanic pastors and Christian leaders from the U.S. and Latin America, talk shows highlighting issues and topics of interest to the Hispanic community, along with Latino-themed documentaries, sports shows, family-friendly movies, and broadcast specials. TBN Salsa’s programming is interesting, relevant and educational.  Shows such as Raising the Standards, Una Familia and Faith and Freedom are growing in popularity with young and old Latinos looking for a faith-based TV channel built for them.

Q: Does the Salsa Network have a motive, mission or objective in who or how it influences those that view its programming?

A: TBN Salsa’s motive is to provide America’s rapidly growing Hispanic-American leaders and community a platform to be heard as well as a channel to be influenced by. The Salsa Network’s mission is to grab hold of this unaddressed demographic with rich, relevant media that speaks to every area of the Hispanic-American culture as well as various nations, colors and ethnicities worldwide. And, our objective is ultimately to play our respective part in fulfilling what the Bible calls “the Great Commission.” That is, to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to all of the world!

Q: Jacob, you’ve coined your entrance into Salsa as “a new day for TBN Salsa.” Why and how is it a “new” day for the Salsa Network?

A: TBN Salsa is updating and upgrading its programming, content and relativity like most people could only dream possible. Literally. What you, Pastor Tony Suarez, myself and the Salsa team are developing and producing in, through and for Salsa is quality television that is relevant and relatable to every generation walking the earth today. It is top notch content and excellence that the world has never seen come from Hispanic-Americans. With our new team of fresh, forward thinking producers, editors and programmers, the latest and greatest presentations of the Gospel, positive entertainment and cultural relativism are here! Truly, it is “a new day” for TBN Salsa!

Q: What can viewers and people of interest look forward to in the near future?

A: Anything but your stereotypical “Christian television.” Of course, we will continue to have plenty of church and preaching programs which we value and desire for the Network but, we are also equally interested in producing and presenting content that is out of the box in order to reach people out of our box. That is being done by taking the essence of what a preacher is saying behind a pulpit and demonstrating that through real life scenarios and situations, presented through short films and TV series type formats that reach the word in a way that relates to their everyday surroundings and realities.

Q: Is there long lasting value in the Salsa Network?

A: Unequivocally, yes. Latinos are the fastest growing Christian demographic in America. The day for Hispanic-Americans to be seen, heard and influential is now and TBN’s Salsa Network will be the leading media source in which each of these elements of influence are accomplished.