On Tuesday, November 6, the Rev. Girien Salazar was invited as a guest on Radio Amistad to discuss church-school partnership and the benefit they offer to improving student outcomes and achieving school objectives, particularly in the context of the education inequalities we are confronting in America’s public education school system today. Loving Houston is one shining example of the Christian organizations who are encouraging and empowering local churches to serve neighboring schools for the benefit of the community and the children therein.

Churches across the nation serve schools by offering after-school reading and tutoring programs, character education courses, and volunteers who support schools as teacher-aids, student-aids, hall monitors, and mentors, to name a few examples. During the radio interviews, the Rev. Salazar stressed the importance of churches orienting their goals to the school’s goals, which in turn demonstrates to school leadership that the church has no agenda except that which supports student academic achievement. Local schools, particularly those in Hispanic and African-American communities, often lack resources such as sufficient funding and personnel. Churches who desire to serve and demonstrate the love of Christ to their community are encouraged to consider forming a committed church-school partnership as one means of doing so.

If your church is interested in learning more about church-school partnerships, the FE Coalition encourages you to visit https://lovinghouston.net for more information and resources.

Listen to Rev. Salazar’s two radio interviews below (Spanish only).