All children are a gift from God, and some children require an extra amount of special attention in their educational journey. Children with disabilities are often given specially designed educational programs that accommodate for their unique challenges while at the same time stimulate social, physical, and mental growth. In this interview, Rigo Mendez shares the insights he has gained throughout his years working closely with students with developmental delays. [Girien Salazar, Deputy Director of the Faith and Education Coalition-NHCLC]

Dr. Andrea Ramirez recently invited Rev. Rigo Mendez to discuss educational opportunities for children with disabilities or developmental delays.

Rigo Mendez’s life was forever changed when he embarked upon the life as an educator. Today as founder of USpeak International, Rigo is a speaker, teacher, and coach who strives to empower people to maximize their potential. Rigo graduated with honors from Ashford University with a degree in Psychology and was later named Teacher of the Year for his contributions to elementary students in the classroom. He has firsthand experience with disabilities, as his brother has Down syndrome, and has worked as a case manager for children with disabilities. He currently serves as a program coordinator to decrease high risk behavior among middle school students and as an Elder at The Potters House of Denver (La Casa Del Alfarero).

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