Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you may know, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Elder Bernice King met last week with leaders of the Faith & Education Coalition in Atlanta. The group discussed its commitment to help all students reach their God-given potential by ensuring they are held to high comparable academic standards, have access to a solid education, and are supported by their communities. They shared and created resources to support one another in that work. Most of the pastors at this event serve in urban/minority communities where students often are held to lower academic expectations, attend schools that are under-resourced, and the education gap for students is wide.

We see the Faith and Education Coalition as a call to action in behalf of all God’s children, from every tribe and tongue, created in his image, to maximize their potential for God’s glory and Kingdom work.How can you help? Go to today and join the Coalition!By signing up, you will join many others who, like you, believe that higher standards mean better results. We believe that all children deserve a great education that prepares them for college and for life. We believe that public education systems need to respect our faith traditions, so that children of faith can thrive in academic communities. If you agree, please sign up today.

We will have a random drawing on May 15th, and award four NHCLC College Scholarships worth $250 each to Faith and Education Coalition members. Add your name to the list that already includes people like Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Elder Bernice King, Pastor John Jenkins, Dr. Jesse Miranda, and many more. Your name will scroll through the website so that others can see that you believe in Raising the Standards in education. While you are on the site, be sure to check out all the great resources, including out Parent Toolkit, which provides parents and students lots of excellent information in Spanish and English on educational success.

God bless you, and thank you for helping us to Raise the Standards!