Nitza Diaz

Nitza M. Diaz is an Education Consultant, with the State Education Resource Center and the CT Parent Information and Resource Center. Through the provision of training, coaching and technical assistance, Nitza provides and designs professional development for educators, community organizations, and faith-based leaders. As Latina/Puerto Rican, parent, and educator she draws from her own experience to help others understand of how systemic racism, poverty and inequities have an effect in schools and in communities. Nitza holds B.A. degree (1995) from Mount Holyoke College, a Masters in Public Health and Masters of Arts from the University of Connecticut (2007) and is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Anthropology of the University of Connecticut.

Her commitment to education reform has been shaped by experiences gained since the age of fifteen when she arrived to a high school in the United States. It was there that she was learning English, and also educating others about her identity and culture in ways that promoted positive collaboration and minimize biases and negative assumptions. During this period, she learned that as an educational leader, one must be able to be innovative, visionary, passionate about equity and diversity, a collaborator and view others from a strength based perspective. She learned that working in collaboration and from a strengths-based perspective is a way to create and sustain change, while minimizing biases and perceptions about others.

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