Rev. Hector D. Ferrer

Hector D. Ferrer is originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was raised in Philadelphia, Pa. and has resided in the State of New Jersey for approximately three (3) decades. In pursuit of his artistic dreams, Mr. Ferrer attended both the University of Miami and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts(NYC Campus) where he majored in acting. In furtherance of his artistic ambitions, he received a Screen Actors Guild union card. Mr. Ferrer has been featured in various theatrical productions, independent films, and commercials.

In addition to acting, Mr. Ferrer’s artistic endeavors earned him an IATSE Hair/ Make-up union card in his capacity as professional Make-up Artist. As such, he has been blessed to have worked with countless television, movie, theatrical, music, and sport “celebrities” as well as with national beauty magazines. With such a vast and rich experience within the performance arts industry, Mr. Ferrer sought to launch his own professional make-up line named, “New Creations.”

However, in 2002 the Lord began to spiritually create a “new creation” in, Mr. Ferrer while he produced, directed, wrote, preached, and acted in his “first” Christian theatrical production by directing him to “discharge” himself from any further acting and make-up line ambition’s and to devote those gifts and talents to advancing the kingdom of God. Mr. Ferrer has been blessed to have produced Christian theatre featuring prominent Christian leaders such as, Alveda King (Martin Luther King’s Niece), Denice Brown (Sister of late, Nicole Simpson), and Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. (National Pro-Life leader/Activist) concerning critical topics such as abortion, domestic violence, pornography, and HIV.

In answer to his calling and as a single father to his multi-handicapped son, Mr. Ferrer passionately serves as an advocate against “social injustice” particularly against individuals who are voiceless, defenseless, and innocent in global arenas. Within the Pro-Life arena, Mr. Ferrer was blessed to have served as the late, Norma McCorvey (“Roe” in Roe v Wade) Artistic Director. In this capacity, he traveled the country with, Ms. McCorvey in pursuit of overturning, Roe v Wade at legislative and social levels. Within the Religious discrimination arena, Mr. Ferrer, under Liberty Counsel, was successful in legally establishing a Nativity Scene located on the public square of the township of Teaneck, NJ  after decades of religious discrimination.

Mr. Ferrer also serves as a “Prison” Chaplin wherein he ministers to inmates by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in a compassionate, relevant, and loving manner.

Based upon his personal experiences and challenges as a single father to a multi-handicapped son in public education, Mr. Ferrer additionally serves as a “special education” advocate to empower parents who may feel, unequally armed, discriminated, lacking adequate knowledge of educational law, and proper legal representation.

Based upon, Mr. Ferrer’s religious beliefs and chosen lifestyle of, nearly two decades, he conducts “Abstinence” workshops in public, private, and Christian schools and churches for both youth and adults in a contemporary, appropriate, and comfortable environment. As an Evangelist, Mr. Ferrer preaching messages, which secure and advance biblically based principals including, but not limited to, the sanctity of human life, traditional marriage, and religious and civil liberties. Mr. Ferrer was honored and privileged to have spoken at the United Nations based upon his unwavering advocacy and belief that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that cannot be superseded by the rule of man.

Mr. Ferrer is a single father and immensely proud of his two adult-children, Jaqueline and, King David.

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