Charles S. Gilford III

Charles Salvador Gilford III is a 29-year-old A Colorado native and aspiring leader of social reform and innovation, His undergraduate degree was ascertained at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s (CU) Leeds School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Management/Human Resources with a International Business, Leadership, and Law Certificate. During his tenure at CU, Charles served on several boards and because of his dedication to the interests of all students became one of the youngest Student Body President’s in the +30,000 student institution’s history. Known during his term for his passion for equality, diplomatic solutions, and grassroots leadership, Charles had the unique opportunity of seeing how leaders can, as Rudyard Kipling would put it, “walk with kings nor loose the common touch.” His tenacity for justice, connection to the people, and his ability to inspire people to action is what makes him unique. A proud husband, future father, resident of Aurora, man of Faith, civic servant, and God Father of 5 beautiful God daughters, and 1 God son; Charles believes that world can change for the better with every passing day. Known for his encouraging posts on social media, his empowering speeches to thousands of youths, as well as his grassroots presence and service in the community, Charles is a source of motivation, wisdom, and advocacy. He is gifted in his ability to use everyday occurrences, challenges, and experiences to inspire a person to see the greatness that lies within them. Life is not an arbitrary phenomenon but was predestined gift to us all in the eyes of Charles. We all have a sense of destiny as an arrival point, the vehicle of life as transportation, and the fuel of faith and passion to get us there. The issue often lies with knowing what our destination is. Charles’ purpose is to be the alchemist that patiently provokes you to seek the latitude of interpersonal relevance and the longitude of celestial connection to help you realize that the coordinates of your destiny and greatness lie within you. He presently serves as President of the Urban League Young Professionals group, is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, a member of DAAP (Denver African American Philanthropists), recently graduated the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Denver program, as well the Impact Denver Leadership Program, and remains heavily involved in his community and his beloved church.

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