About Education Sunday

What is Education Sunday? 
Join thousands of churches across our nation as we 1) dedicate time to ask the Lord for wisdom on how to best equip students in our congregations and communities in answering the call to love the Lord with all our minds (Luke 10:27) and 2) commit ourselves to raising the standards as we pray that every child receives quality education regardless of income, race, or zip code.


What do churches do on Education Sunday
Participating churches are welcome to use provided resources or can design a program that best fits their church service.

Churches participating in Education Sunday will receive:
1. Free resources such as a sermon outline, age-level Bible studies, videos, and tips for parent/teacher relationship building and supporting students at home.
2. Scholarship eligibility for student and church.

How do I sign my church up for Education Sunday?
1. Online Registration (use “sign up” form on this page and on several other pages on this site)
2. Text the word “MEMBER” to 444-999 to sign up…it’s that easy!

For scholarship opportunities connected to Education Sunday, stay tuned to information  coming soon on:

Raising the Standards Campaign brought by the Faith and Education Coalition-NHCLC.

Two Ways To Get Involved! Register Your Church to Celebrate Education Sunday and Join the Faith And Education Coalition!

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